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Barry Slaff  |  PhD Student  |


I grew up in Norcross, Georgia, USA. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2007, I have spent time at the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate and graduate student and in research staff roles associated with the Pharmacology, Psychology, and Nursing programs. I hold a BA in mathematics with a minor in physics, and I hold master’s degrees in mathematics, information technology, and computer science. My past work includes: a master’s thesis in algebraic number theory supervised by Ching-Li Chai; NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and data analysis in studies of circadian biology and sample integrity with the metabolomics lab of Aalim Weljie; web application management and analyses of language from social media for studies of population-level psychological phenomena with the World Well-Being Project; analyses of sexual language from social media with Robin Stevens’ group; and studies of bioinformatics tools and algorithms as a student in the Computer and Information Science PhD Program at UPenn. I have worked as a teaching assistant for graduate courses in machine learning and computational biology.

Research Interests

I am interested in developing statistical and computational tools for the elucidation of molecular mechanisms governing post-transcriptional regulation and RNA processing.


Please see my google scholar

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