Lab members

​   People

Jordi Vaquero



Paul Jewell

Full Stack Developer

 Osvaldo Rivera

Cancer Bio PhD. Student

Kevin Yang
GCB MD PhD. Student

Email address

Di Wu

CIS PhD. Student


David Wang

GCB PhD. Student

Email address


Farica Zhuang
CIS PhD. Student

Past Lab Members

Anupama Jha

CIS PhD. Student

David Lee
GCB MD PhD. Student

Robert Wang
GCB PhD. Rotation Student

Caleb Radens

G&E PhD. Student

Lev Litichevskiy

GCB MD PhD. Rotation Student

Scott Norton
GCB PhD. Student

Christopher Green

Bioinformatics Developer

Barry Slaff
CIS PhD. Student

Deependra Singh
CIS PhD. Student

Nicholas Page

SUIP Undergrad
Rutgers University

Max Shestov

GCB Rotation Student

Raehoon Jeong

Undergraduate Student

Qin Zhu

GCB Rotation Student

William (Bill) Wo

Highschool Summer Student

Alex Barrera

Bioinformatics Developer

Onur Yörük

GCB Rotation PhD. Student

Matthew Paul

GCB Rotation PhD. Student

Juan González-Vallinas

Research Associate

Alex Amlie Wolf

GCB Rotation PhD. Student

Alon Witztum

Graduate Student


The lab’s work is highly collaborative in nature. These are some of the wonderful researchers we had the fortune to work with. We are also part of the splendid RNA Group organized by Kristen Lynch, and part of the Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI), where we interact with many more computationally oriented researchers.

Ben Glaser

Hebrew University

David Elliott

Newcastle University

Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko


Hagen Tilgner

Weill Cornell 

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