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If you are interested in joining us please look up ​the relevant section bellow.

UPenn Undergraduates

If you are a UPenn undergraduate and are interested in getting involved in the group’s research, feel free to get in touch. ​Please send an email titled “Join undergrad” to

On the computational end, courses

in the following areas will help to get involved in the lab’s research: algorithms/statistics/machine learning/information theory/statistical inference and of course computational biology.

Good programming skills are important.
Examples of relevant courses:
CIS 520, CIS 625, CIS 700, CIS 521, CIS 502, STAT 512, STAT 542, STAT 991, STAT 928, BSTA 621, BSTA 622, BSTA 630, BSTA 631, BSTA 651, BSTA 652
Some of the the courses listed above are more advanced and are therefore less likely to be taken at the undergraduate level.

Still, you should at least have taken courses covering commonly used algorithms (Comen’s book Sections

1-6 Ch. 1-27), statistics and probability.

On the bio-medical end, you’ll probably want to take courses that cover Genetics and gene regulation. 

Examples of relevant courses are:
BIOM 600, BIOL 421, BIOM 555,  CAMB 550, Experimental Genome Science (UPenn’s course offered on

Prospective Graduate Students

We are currently looking for strong graduate students with interest in the core BioCiphers lab research areas. The lab is affiliated with both the school of medicine and the school of engineering at Penn.

Students can join the lab through the school of medicine and the school of engineering graduate programs.

Note that individual faculty members do not have direct control over admissions and funding. Follow the links below for details about timeline, and general requirements. Additionally,letters of recommendation are important.

The School of Medicine
Perelman School of Medicine has a dedicated graduate program for Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB):

Other graduate programs such as

Genetics and Epigenetics (G&E) or Cancer Biology (CB) within Cell & Molecular Biology (CAMB) can also be relevant, depending on the student’s background and interests:



The School of Engineering

The department of computer and

information science graduate program provides information on admissions at the following URLs:

Postdoctoral Positions

Please send an email titled "Join postdoc" to info at

We are currently looking for strong postdoctoral fellows.

Letters of recommendation are important.

The ideal candidate would have a strong background in core machine learning applied to bio-medical research and/or good background in RNA Biology with generally strong computational skills. Background in probabilistic graphical models, statistical learning and Bayesian inference in both generative and discriminative models is preferred. Experience in analyzing diverse

high-throuput data is good to have.

The lab has an experimental 

component involving both "low-throughput" experiments (e.g; RT-PCR, Western blot) and high-througput experiments (RNA-Seq CLIP-Seq). 

Experimental background is good though not mandatory for current opening. Relevant wet lab experience can help broaden the range of projects a successful candidate may be able to undertake.

Lab Technician

We are currently not recruiting for this type of position. ​

Lab analyst/Programmer:

We are currently not recruiting for this type of position. ​

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