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ISMB 2021

Identifying Universal cancer transcriptome patterns by deep learning interpretation

Mathieu Quesnel-Vallieres, ISMB 2021

LSV-Seq: Novel Targeted Sequencing Method To Measure Alt. Splicing (Flash Talk)

Kevin Yang, ISMB 2021

Alternative Splicing Based Classification of Cancer Subtypes (Flash Talk)

David Wang, ISMB 2021

Splicing quantification from RNASeq: How to get the signal out of the noise? 

Yoseph Barash, RNA Seminar 2020

ISMB 2020

RBP-Pokedex: Prediction of RBP knockdown effect via DNN experiment modeling

Anupama Jha, ISMB 2020

Splicing variations contribute to the functional dysregulation of genes in acute myeloid leukemia.

Osvaldo D. Rivera, ISMB 2020

CHESSBOARD: A Model for Detecting Splicing Signals in Heterogenous RNA Datasets

David Wang, ISMB 2020

MOCCASIN: A method for correcting known and unknown confounders in RNA-Seq-based splicing analysis

Caleb Matthew Radens, ISMB 2020


Integrative analysis of UTRs uncovers RNA G-Quadruplexes as constrained regulatory features

David Lee, ISMB ECCB 2019

Workshops 2017

Building a New View of Transcriptome Variations

Outlier detection for improved differential splicing quantification from RNA-Seq experiments with replicates

Workshop: Splicing analysis with MAJIQ/VOILA, May 2017

Workshop: Splicing analysis with MAJIQ/VOILA - Part 1 - May 2017

Workshop: Splicing analysis with MAJIQ/VOILA - Part 2- May 2017

Workshop: Splicing analysis with MAJIQ/VOILA - Part 3- May 2017

MAJIQ's splicing analysis for RNA-Seq

Matthew Gazzara, MAJIQ, RNA Society 2016, Kyoto

A Window into the Lab's Research 

(blog post video)

See blog post details here

Visualization of Alternative Splicing

Yoseph Barash, VIZBI, 2011

Towards computational models of

the RNA world: Deriving the code for alternative splicing

Yoseph Barash, UMass, 2011


Model based detection of alternative splicing signals


AVISPA: Web tool for splicing prediction analysis


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