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Kevin Yang |  PhD Student  |


I'm a MD-PhD student in the Genomics and Computational Biology PhD program jointly co-mentored by Drs. Yoseph Barash and Peter Choi since 2019. I'm broadly interested in the role of RNA biology in human disease, and my current project focuses on developing new RNA-Seq methods to study the biology of alternative splicing in CD4+ T cells.

I spent most of my early life in California on the West Coast, before moving to the Midwest to study biology at the University of Chicago. After an additional research gap year in Chicago, I continued my eastward march over to Philadelphia when I enrolled in the Penn MD-PhD program in 2017. Since high school, I've worked on several projects with Dr. Tianhong Li at UC Davis Medical Center assessing therapeutic strategies for targeting integrins and the urea cycle in non-small cell lung cancer. During my time in Chicago, I researched the biochemistry of splicing defects in retinitis pigmentosa using yeast with Dr. Jonathan Staley. I also was president of an undergraduate synthetic biology research team mentored by Dr. Michael Rust that tried to engineer the core circadian oscillator of cyanobacteria into E. coli.

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