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Danielle Gutman  |  Postdoctoral Researcher  |


I grew up in Israel (mostly) and attended the University of Haifa for my undergraduate studies in Biology and Mathematics and graduate studies and PhD in Human Biology. For my masters I studies the effects of Ochradenus baccatus (a desert shrub) root extract on Prostate cancer cells under the supervision of Prof. Fuad Fares and Dr. Yoram Gerchman. For my PhD I had the privilege of studying Genetics and Epigenetics of centenarians in Israel under the supervision of Prof. Gil Atzmon. I established the Israeli Multi-Ethnic Centenarian Study (IMECS) which focused on DNA methylation and genetic variation of this unique population.

When I’m not in the lab I love to spend time with my husband Gil and our 2 daughters, Mika and Neta. We enjoy hiking together, having picnics, and trying new foods from all over the world. We moved to Philadelphia in September 2020, and I joined the Biociphers group led by Prof. Yoseph Barash in March 2021.

My current research focuses on upstream open reading frames (uORFs) and they’re regulation of protein translation, specifically in various diseases. I am also working on developing high throughput assays that will survey human uORFs and characterize their effects on downstream protein translation.


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