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Farica Zhuang  | CIS PhD. Student  |


I grew up in Indonesia and Singapore before moving to the West Coast. I graduated with an Applied Mathematics bachelor’s degree from UCSD and a Computer Science master’s degree from Duke. At Duke, I was mentored by Prof. Raluca Gordan when I worked on transcription factor cooperativity modeling, which was my first exposure to computational biology. I also worked on other machine learning projects with application to genetics and healthcare, such as predicting pathogenicity of variants for arrhythmic hearth disease and predicting mortality among geriatric hip fracture patients. After graduating from Duke, I went back to Southern California to work as a software engineer before heading to Penn in Fall 2021. I’m currently advised by Dr. Yoseph Barash as a CIS PhD student. The main focus of my research lies on using deep learning to answer questions surrounding RNA.


​· Machine Learning

​· Computational Biology


Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Mortality and Allocate Palliative Care for Older Patients With Hip Fracture
Michael P Cary Jr, Farica Zhuang, Rachel Lea Draelos, Wei Pan, Sathya Amarasekara , Brian J Douthit, Yunah Kang, Cathleen S Colón-Emeric - Jamda, 2020

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