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San Jewell  |  Full Stack Developer  |


Sav'aaq! I have my degree in Physics, but I quickly learned that I enjoyed writing software to help friends and colleagues conquer either tedious or computationally interesting issues. There was a demand in the Biological sciences for these skills specifically, so I joined Baresh Lab to help all of the awesome people here with their devious RNA splicing schemes.


I have many years experience writing my own web apps both academically (RVCC, Rutgers), commercially (Rudraya Corp, Viridity Energy), and for myself, family and friends, and I am happy to learn the basics of a new field while helping at the lab.


Specifically, I have been a maintainer of the Majiq splicing visualization web app, called "Voila", which provides an interactive splicegraph tool and graphic / tabular data to assist in viewing the extracted RNA-Seq experimental data overlapped with annotated RNA data. I also work on writing supporting tools to go along with papers for various efforts of the students at the lab. For an example, check out Majiq-Cat below.


Outside of the lab, my other interest include Video Gaming, Digital Art, Harpsichord Playing, Sailing, Skating, and more coding side projects!




· Python / Cython / Javascript
· Alternative Splicing Classification

· Genetic Variation and Genomics of Human Disease 






Mapping RNA splicing variations in clinically-accessible and non-accessible tissues to facilitate Mendelian disease diagnosis using RNA-seq

Joseph K Aicher, Paul Jewell, Jorge Vaquero-Garcia, Yoseph Barash, Elizabeth J Bhoj


Cloud Computing for Pharmacometrics: Using AWS, NONMEM, PsN, Grid Engine, and Sonic | S Sanduja, P Jewell, E Aron, N Pharai


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